Review: Taboo Season 1 Episode 3 “Episode 3”

Though the episode makes some logical, and unpredictable, progressions (such as James’s Will) that work to heighten the drama, intensify relationships and agitate current political alliances, the middle section of this episode is muddled, slow and does little to move the plot forward. The character work is exceptional however, with Delaney becoming a more complex and fascinating character with each episode (obviously also aided by Tom Hardy’s brilliantly gloomy, but oddly heroic performance), while the show paints a detailed picture of the historical/political era. But sooner or later ‘Taboo’ is going to need to reveal its larger arc. The components of mystery and possibly the supernatural scattered throughout this episode are expressive and visually demanding, and though some further expand on Delaney’s parenthood and legacy, its hard to see what they are working towards beside further character development.  7.6/10


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