Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 2 “Dead Moon”

Though the show returns to a more meandering pace, continuously reaffirming the relationship between characters, their current mental state and perspective on Meyerism, a grander, larger scope allows the audience to understand the full extent to the religions reach. Instead of being simply talked about, this season’s approach the running of the religion is very well realised visually. Carl’s destructive manner now seems to have real consequences and the tension this creates is perfectly captured by Sarah’s despair and actions, and Michelle Monaghan’s performance. While her relationship with Eddie is becoming overdone and repetitive, a cyclical routine of love, anger and distrust, his presence contrasts with Cal. This creates a struggle between Sarah’s duty to a tumultuous cult and to her loving family, though I hope this doesn’t lead to simply vilifying Meyerism as an extension of Cal. Hawk’s sequences do provide a nice look into the lower rungs of the cult and its processes, but the character seems too isolated from the Eddie, Cal and Sarah conflict to seem involving. 8.2/10