Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 4 “Day of Wrath”

Again, while ‘Shadowhunters’ seems to lack material key to its overarching story, forcing it to introduce new contrived troubles in an increasingly episodic manner, this episode was superbly directed, realising the brutal effect of the violence on the main group as well as Valentine’s superiority. Episodic storytelling does work, but when the show tries to parallel this with more serialised plotlines, like that surrounding the Vampires, it feels like filler. The search for Camille, while not necessarily gripping due to the character’s lack of importance to the main story, does at least feel to be moving forward and presents an interesting discussion of the relationship between downworlders and the Clave which feels significant to the show’s world-building. It also provided a more personal look at Magnus, something certainly welcome for a character that has always seemed on the fringes. These developments are far more entertaining than seeing Clary continually battle with episodic demons that have little lasting impact (we will see next episode how much of an effect this one will have had). ‘Shadowhunters’ needs to address what are the consequences of its conflict, and how to evenly distribute its serialised story with more individual challenges. Furthermore, it needs to balance its levels of tension, as having Simon worry about missing dinner with his mother doesn’t seem to fit with Clary trying to save the Institute from demons. 6.5/10


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