Review: The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 3 “Episode 3”

Powerfully written to deliver the magnitude of Lenny’s decisions and the titanic shift in direction they will lead the church in, ‘The Young Pope’ is able to effortlessly balance its own sense of bravado with sophistication. While the Pope’s role in this episode does become slightly repetitive midway through, after reaffirming, and at times clarifying, his perspective and ideals, there is an enlightening examination of Voiello here, supported by a honed, careful performance by Silvio Orlando, that helps to provide context about the Pope’s position and how his papacy came about. Paralleled with further information about his background, the writers use the supporting characters to not only explore what influences Lenny, but also highlight the effect he is having on the Vatican. The result is exceptionally potent in our era of Trumpism, as the direction captures angst the Pope has inspired in his followers and the Press, while also managing to sustain energy and fascination. 9.3/10


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