Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Episode 6 “The Wide Window: Part Two”

There are some genuinely funny moments within this episode, especially the excellently directed and written restaurant sequence, that delivers in terms of both humour and exposition, providing slithers of information about the wider mystery while also developing Mr Poe’s incompetency. Though this example of the episode’s thematic discussion was well crafted, it unfortunately was the only effective example. Mr Poe’s oblivious nature has truly run its course and within this episode becomes tedious and silly. It is necessary in order for the plot to develop, but even the story arc has become formulaic and predictable, with key distinctive features easy to spot out. The ending looks to potentially alter this, but it does take some effort to remain interested when the plot points are so mechanically positioned.The few moments of thrill and action here also suffer from this formulaic structure, as it is hard to truly care about the characters when the show’s bizarre internal logic keeps them virtually untouchable in order to reach the next stage. 6.5/10


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