Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3 “Parabatai Lost”

This episode had the potential to provide a stirring discussion of the bond between brothers and how loyalty can lead to love. But due to the constant fractured structure and desire to tell too many stories, the main arc involving Jace and Alec lacked emotional pull and a constant pace, ultimately becoming predictable and flat. However, it wasn’t as if the other storylines were intriguing or gripping, but instead were a muddle of contrived situations that worked to distract characters and give them something to do for the episode. Furthermore, there were some occasions where character development was sprouting, especially for Simon (though his plot continues to be underwhelming and, other than to keep him on the show, pointless), but due to poor writing it is at times laughable and never moving or effective. This certainly isn’t helped by the show’s poor acting. Yet, the direction here is often piercing and intimate, and provides a few rattling experiences. 5.6/10


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