Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Episode 5 “The Wide Window: Part One”

Alfre Woodard’s task here is immense. She has to try emerge from the shadow of Meryl Streep’s performance in the film adaptation as well as try engage viewers becoming frustrated with the show’s obvious format. In many ways she achieves this but due to poor writing, any attempts at providing the character with a greater complexity than her dramatic, cartoonish qualities, becomes forced and obvious. The exposition throughout the episode is such, and therefore it feels very standard and predictable. There is little intrigue or mystery, and nearly everything is spelled out. But at least Josephine’s blindness to Olaf’s presence feels more organic and assured, stemming from her need for comfort and protection, than it did with Uncle Monty. The production design is also exquisite and there are some examples of brilliant cinematography and direction, especially in terms of capturing the Lake and the house’s threatened position. 6.6/10


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