Review: The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 1 “Episode 1”

Using its unique tone and premise to shine a light on religious contradiction and the governance of the Vatican, ‘The Young Pope’ is a clever, incredibly intriguing, boiling pot of political manoeuvres. Jude Law perfectly embraces the role, yet at times the character’s unpleasant (but certainly enjoyable) nature does come across as an oversimplified satire of American values imposed on a foreign country than a discussion of modern versus traditional acts of duty. Some may find this off-putting and stereotypical, as if the show is only using such an exaggeration for shock value. However, the supporting characters look like they will soon provide a deeper back story to the new Pope and hopefully depict what influenced his constitution. The direction is also stunning, carefully framing the beautiful dream sequences as well as harnessing the administrative blandness and normalcy of the Vatican and it’s protocol in direct contrast with the Pope’s identity. 8.4/10


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