Review: Taboo Season 1 Episode 1 “Episode 1”

It may meander around in ambiguity in places and take a while to propose a thorough arc or story, but ‘Taboo’ feels incredibly authentic, as its rich writing sets a family drama against a sinister, brutal backdrop of political intrigue, greed and desire. James Delaney, the central figure, is mysterious and concealing a dark secret, but due to the corrupt forces working against him, he is instantly relatable and gripping with his under-dog status. While his back story is intentionally left unknown with small hints to tease and engage the audience, Tom Hardy is able to deliver an exceptional performance that highlights there is more to the character than just being a savage mad-man. Production design, cinematography and costuming are all also vital, not only providing a number of beautiful shots and images, but grounding the more ‘supernatural’, unexplained events in a familiar but thematically potent, rotting English society.  8.8/10


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