Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Episode 4 ” The Reptile Room: Part Two”

This show’s, and particularly this episode’s, biggest problem is that it’s too ‘clean’ and runs too smoothly and predictably. The writing lacks an urgency, where instead dialogue and plot points fall into place without any challenge or hurdle. The children try to make the adults aware of Count Olaf’s presence but really never give it that much of go, while Jacquelyn happens to be nearby but never helps. Ultimately, it works in a contrived manner to try place the children in danger, but lacks the menace and suspense to create tension or actual fear. However, in saying that, the show therefore runs like one big gag, and should be appreciated as such. This episode features numerous examples of fantastic physical comedy, with a terrific performance from K. Todd Freeman as Mr Poe, who gets his best and funniest episode yet, while the theatre group continues to be outstanding in their dead pan delivery of jokes and outrageous costumes and situations. This episode also provided the best discussion of the ability of children (though this should have beenĀ developed over the course of the series, rather than the children starting with such skills), against the self-superior view of adults. 7.4/10