2017 Golden Globe TV Predictions

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Note: I am only going to cover the Drama categories here, as I haven’t been following a lot of Comedy lately.

I am going to also make the point here, rather than repeat it throughout this article, that the Golden Globes are infamous for their choice of TV category winners. Over the half the time, the winners of these categories don’t even get nominated at the Emmys (though I am almost certain all these winners will), which are the premier TV awards. The Golden Globes love to award new talent, new shows and not repeat winners all the time. Due to this, many of these predictions may seem odd (as do some of the nominees), when really they follow the Golden Globe traditional picks.

Best Drama Series

Source: Wired


The Crown will certainly benefit in this post-Downton Abbey environment where the American audience is more inclined to try period British drama. However, what ultimately will lead it to its win here will probably be the sheer amount of nominations it has and wins it will get. I see it wining in every category it is nominated for and that’s impressive, especially at the Globes. While Westworld, an HBO show, may seem more in touch with premium entertainment, it doesn’t have the universal appeal that The Crown garnered, while This is Us getting a nomination is a brilliant development for network TV, which could be support by a win here. Stranger Things is also in an interesting position where it has become a fan favourite, with great reviews, but with only one other nomination, it does lack the all round appreciation of The Crown. If Millie Bobby Brown had been nominated this would have been Stranger Thing’s award to lose. Finally, Game of Thrones, arguably the most praised show of them all, has very little chance at winning simply due the Globe’s love of awarding new shows, whatever the quality of the old.

Best Actor

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  • Rami Malek (Mr. Robot)- Predicted Winner
  • Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
  • Matthew Rhys (The Americans)- Spoiler
  • Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan)
  • Billy Bob Thornton (Goliath)

Rami Malek had to make way for Jon Hamm at last years Globes as Hamm went out in his flame of glory, but this should be Malek’s turn. He just won at the Emmy for a relatively new show that won the Best Drama award at the last Globes. This puts him in prime position for the title. But Matthew Rhys has garnered new-found interest after finally getting nominated at the Emmys. The Globes may want to be the first actually give him the award and so don’t be surprised if you see him up on the stage. Lieve Schreiber is certainly gaining momentum, with his show securing a number of nominations at the Emmys, but I’m doubtful this will be his year at the Globes. Billy Bob Thornton earns a typical Globe nom for a show not many watch. Expect this to the only major nom he gets on the award circuit, unless he begins to draw more interest, as Goliath just ain’t big enough to get him to the Emmy’s stage. Finally, Bob Odenkirk has a chance to steal, considering he and Malek are the only two consistently nominated at nearly every award show. But again, Odenkirk very much represents a decade of TV, while the Globes like the new.

Best Actress

Source: Variety


  • Caitriona Balfe (Outlander)
  • Claire Foy (The Crown)- Predicted Winner
  • Kerri Russell (The Americans)
  • Winona Ryder (Stranger Things)
  • Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld)- Spoiler

In a similar fashion to the Best Actor race, many of these actresses simply don’t seem refreshed enough to pass the Globe’s typical standards. Caitriona Balfe is commonly supported for this award but has yet to secure wide appreciation, meaning it seems her chance has passed, while Russell is in a similar position as her on-screen partner Matthew Rhys, but doesn’t seem to have the same sort of buzz. Winona Ryder also received rather mixed reviews for her role and while the Globes may want to honour an actress who hasn’t really been on the scene in ages, taking part in a youthful new show, it seems her nomination was simply to give Stranger Things something in the acting categories. That leaves Claire Foy and Evan Rachel Wood. Either could win, but in keeping with my view that The Crown will be universally loved by the HFPA, I expect Foy to win. However, in saying that, I am unsure whether The Crown will get support at the Emmys (though Downton Abbey always did), so maybe that will be Wood’s opportunity.

Best Supporting Actor

Source: Mashable


  • Sterling K. Brown (The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story)- Spoiler
  • Hugh Laurie (The Night Manager)
  • John Lithgow (The Crown)- Predicted Winner
  • Christian Slater (Mr. Robot)
  • John Travolta (The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story)

Both this and the Best Supporting Actress categories are not necessarily the easiest to predict, but have the most to go off. John Lithgow won this award recently at the Critics Choice Awards, and has received near unanimous applause for it. But Sterling K. Brown has also seen incredible support and its very likely that voters will choose anything with the American Crime Story name beside it. But that also brings up the possibility of vote splitting with Travolta. Yet, in saying that Brown went up against Travolta and David Schwimmer at the Emmys, and no vote splitting occurred. Christian Slater certainly has a chance here after winning this category last year, though I suspect that the Globes will want to refresh and considering Malek will probably win Best Actor, they will feel fine to choose someone else. Hugh Laurie, also, is a possible spoiler here as again he is another actor loved by the HFPA. Though, the buzz for the Night Manager has waned lately, and the role just doesn’t seem ‘significant’ enough to go up against Winston Churchill or someone from the O.J. Simpson case.

Best Supporting Actress

Source: FlavourWire


  • Olivia Colman (The Night Manager)
  • Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)- Spoiler
  • Chrissy Metz (This is Us)
  • Mandy Moore (This is Us)
  • Thandie Newton (Westworld)- Predicted Winner

Like I said, both supporting actor races have certain information we can base our predictions on. Thandie Newton will almost certainly take this one after storming the award circuit late last year and has taken home award after award. Winning here just seems like the logical step on the way to the Emmys. The ‘This is Us’ girls will likely vote split due to the similarity in roles and that neither ‘define’ the core of that show. Olivia Colman is yet to really break out into mainstream America, regardless of her British star power, and therefore I doubt we will see her win. Though its important to note that many British actors often do win at the Globes and nowhere else. That leaves Lena Headey who I would suggest has almost become the Michelle Williams of TV. She always gives an incredible performance but is always pushed to second by someone else or the need to honour someone (see Maggie Smith’s win at the Emmys, where Headey’s performance was by far the best). The Globes may recognise that and give it to her, or they may leave it to next year which could possibly be her character’s last on Game of Thrones, and where Westworld will not be eligible for Newton to again win.