Review: Hell or High Water

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Supported by a sensational score and cinematography that emphasises the film’s western foundations and society’s festering, degraded nature, ‘Hell or High Water provides a raw, visceral examination of middle America. Taylor Sheridan has crafted a magnificent screenplay that allows the actions of its characters to roll organically out of their personal interpretations of a rotting established system. It quickly becomes clear, that while director David MacKenzie delivers numerous tense, involving, and riveting altercations, these are only successful due to each character being sympathetic and a hero in their own manner. Aided by phenomenal performances by the main quartet, this film is also able to present two emotional and unique relationships that feel incredibly human and real. At times, the writer’s wish to discuss such a desolate society does overwhelm the story, which either stalls or evolves simply to add another chapter to such a commentary. In attempt to deliver realism, which has to be appreciated, it does often lack bravado in its action (which is odd considering the tension) but all the same, this film’s entertainment still remains very high and its unflinching approach to contemporary American values is distinctly intriguing. 4.5/5



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