Top 3 Animated Films in 2016

As the 2016 film season comes to a halt, I will be choosing my top 3 picks for the best animated films in 2016.

I usually do ‘Top 5’ lists, but as this is a more specialised subject I am only choosing 3.

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Note: As I have not seen every film this year, this is compiled from the films I have seen (I’ve seen over 50 2016 releases). Many of the potential Oscar films may be absent as they are only in limited release or have not yet been released in NZ, where I live. As I see these films before the Oscar ceremony I will update the list if necessary and let you know about it!

To be eligible for these lists, ‘2016’ means to be theatrically released in 2016 or released on a legal streaming service in 2016, or be up to my discretion.

Top 3 Animated Films in 2016

1.  Finding Dory (Andrew Stanton)

2. Zootopia (Byron Howard and Rich Moore)

3. The Little Prince (Mark Osborne)

Photos: “Finding Dory” (Screen Rant), “Zootopia” (Deadline), “The Little Prince” (SBCC Film Reviews)