Review: Sense8 Season 2 Episode 1 “A Christmas Special”

This is an extremely well crafted and directed TV special, with exquisite cinematography, world building and production design that beautifully transition between seasons, occasions and locations. Between this, the acting and the significant character development, the viewer truly does feel like this group really know, and love, each other, and their bond is immense. The sequences where they are all together are profound and momentous, however, eventually this episode’s, and the show’s overall, structure/formula becomes clear, where it seems as if the episodes are made up by powerful ‘moments’ and then filler in between. These moments have similar traits (slow-motion, pans, empowering music), and are spectacular individually, but in the middle it becomes slightly repetitive. This is also emphasised by this episodes lack of narrative development. While it is clear this special is focussed on the characters, and it does an incredible job in fleshing them out and how their relationships are evolving, for a 2 hours episode, more should have occurred plot-wise. Ultimately though, this was a superb piece of character work, that though repetitive and sometimes familiar and slow, raised a number of thought-provoking ideas about entrapment, social connectivity and perception. 8.6/10