Review: The OA Season 1 Episode 8 “Invisible Self”

I am pissed off. Not because this episode relied heavily on coincidental situations and occurrences. Not because it leaves many questions unanswered. Not because it doesn’t seem like it even cares if the audience gains any satisfaction. But because it trivialises school massacres. I am not one to be easily offended, and I have no personal connection to a school shooting, but the fact, and I will go into spoilers here, that a school shooter is stopped by five people practically dancing is beyond belief. It really infuriates me that the writers would make such a decision, even if it is in context of the supernatural (which lets remember is never specified and left with ambiguity). If the group used some other method to stop or distract the shooter then fine, but this message was simply wrong and unrealistic, especially considering those conducting the movements just found out they were probably made up. Would they really risk their lives doing an interpretative dance they didn’t know would work. A man who has just walked into a school with the intention of killing people is not going to stop and watch people dancing. This devalues the victims of shootings. And even if the movements did work, the group had no idea they would, and the show doesn’t make it clear whether they did, sending an abhorrent message to viewers. It makes zero sense and highlights the writers literally had no idea what they were doing half the time. I’m not even going to go into further aspects of this episode, as I’m still shocked by such a disgusting narrative action. 2/10