Review: The OA Season 1 Episode 6 “Forking Paths”

While this episode doesn’t provide mountains of new information, it does succeed in promising a more fluid progression of narrative and hopefully leading to more answers. The shorter running length meant that the writers had to place greater significance on events and what they meant for characters, and this is certainly achieved with the tense, race for the final movement. This narrative choice, however, was also nicely balanced by further development of Hap, and the relationship between Homer and Prairie. I would though like to see some resolution to, or atleast information provided about, the actual quest of the ‘present day’ group of five. There is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding this (and many other elements of the show), meaning it is difficult to watch and connect with characters that blindly follow Prairie. They know, as do the audience, that they are a part of some form of mission, but there is little else to go on so far. 8/10