Review: The OA Season 1 Episode 4 “Away”

It is becoming clear that this show thrives when embracing its supernatural/fantasy elements. These sequences have a beautiful poetic nature to them where the direction, editing and acting all add up to a tranquil, but distinctly haunting experience. The thematic work here is also superbly intriguing, as the show attempts to raise discussion over sacrifice, death, and eternity. However, while these aspects work individually at times, the writing is too pretentious and inflated. It becomes too vague and at times generic to follow or gain an insightful understanding. It is clear what line of discussion the show wants to take, but what does it actually want to say? The formulaic structure of the show also does dampen this journey, distracting from the main discoveries with attempts at developing the secondary characters. At this stage, I still love seeing Phyllis Smith doing anything on-screen, but at some stage the writers are going to have explain what the point is of Prairie’s two groups. 7.9/10