Review: La La Land
Source: NerdLocker

‘La La Land’ showcases the power, and beauty, of dreams in a stunningly vivid, inviting and whimsical manner, while also highlighting the trials and tribulations of life. Many will criticise its romanticised nature and the thought that two lovers could make it in Hollywood as being supposedly irresponsible but the truth is, as Damien Chazelle presents, our success is born from compromise and luck. Chazelle makes it clear that each success story this film projects comes not out of the character’s immediate hard work, but from the ‘long haul’. It notes that compromise is often needed to get by and watching the protagonists navigate this human reality and commerce with their personal aspirations is a dazzling, affecting experience due to the masterful, symbolic writing, glamorous production design, costuming and cinematography that perfectly captures the heart, glee and devastation of this affair. The acting is exceptional and both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling should be awarded for such performances. However, ultimately the music steals the show, as the phenomenal score and incredible original songs perfectly encapsulate this film’s momentous tone and striking themes of optimism and hope. This is a timeless film that spoke to me in so many ways that I will remember forever.  5/5