Review: The OA Season 1 Episode 1 “Homecoming”

This is a spellbinding show featuring sensational acting and direction that will captivate the audience, hold their attention and never let go. While there are a few plot turns that seem rather convenient and unrealistic (such as Prairie’s influence over the teacher and her unrestricted freedom to roam around), and at times the need to stall seems to be for the sake of creating tension and questions, the close quarters cinematography and focus upon the sense of touch will keep the viewer pondering this show’s many threads. However, while the pay-off should be interesting, with the fantasy-like sequences near the end being beautifully realised and oddly soothing, I do hope the writers do not try to draw the mystery out. From this episode, I would love this show to be more about the experience of understanding and seeing Prairie’s ordeal from her perspective, than the audience being led along on a game of guessing what happened. We have seen that many times before, and this episode highlights the show’s unique concepts and production values, something I hope it puts into use, presenting something that puts a nice spin on the ‘person returns home’ sub-genre, than just providing another familiar mystery.  8.8/10