Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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‘Rogue One’ lacks a coherent, consistent vision, often getting overwhelmed by so many tasks to perform, giving characters enough screentime and keeping within the Star Wars mythos. The result is a film that doesn’t feel special, significant or poignant, but unoriginal and uninspiring. It’s key messages of hope and the power of political rebellion are never fully developed and are not helped by poor writing and generic characterisations. However, the film does work visually, with exceptional cinematography and visual effects, while the action sequences, though derivative and suffering within the films fractured, busy structure, are at times thrilling. The characters though never connect. Jyn Erso is the only one of the team to have clear motivations and relationships but still is never compelling. She completes the typical duties of a hero, but there is nothing complex about her. This film also lacks a core emotional beat and instead relies on its brand, and while it is great to see how the events tie into the original trilogy and the film makes an effort to make sure its characters are not left in limbo, it feels forced and the result of necessity rather than being organic to the story. Overall, ‘Rogue One’ is at times riveting, thought-provoking and satisfying but it suffers from lazy writing, an unfocussed director and material we have all seen before. 2.5/5


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