Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8 “Hearts still Beating”

One of the most manufactured and contrived episodes of television I have seen. Everything in this episode happens because it is the mid-season finale and things need to be in a new state for the next half. From Darryl randomly and easily escaping (Rick is going to have an easy time getting into Sanctuary), to all the characters that die not being central to the story, to members of the Kingdom wanting to attack Sanctuary at the same time as Rick. The poor direction doesn’t help and a lack of any significant character development as a result of lousy writing means that decisions like Ricks feel not earned and rushed. There’s little evidence for them in this episode and any is simply repetitive of earlier episodes. The Walking Dead has become a checklist of objectives, with no consistent pace to meet each. It’s not worried about complex characters, themes, sequences or story telling but simply taking the easy route. It is a laughable mess and doesn’t deserve to be on TV. Oh and don’t get me started on how stupid it was that Rosita misses, like come on writers, your audience is not two years old. Considering nearly half your audience has disappeared, I would suggest a change of showrunner, cause Scott Gimple has ruined this show. 3/10