Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

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‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ features the best animation I have seen. It is exquisitely crafted and transforms a repetitive and monotonous story into a visually magical experience. However, the animation ultimately cannot do all the heavy lifting and the padded story does eventually tire with an anti-climatic ending. There are also many aspects to the film that are clichéd or overdone, and considering the narrative’s poor structure and predictability, the key themes of love and the human condition are never as effective as they could potentially be. Instead the beautifully written relationship between Monkey and Beetle and their care for Kubo is often shelved in service of the wider mythology, while the film’s wish to appeal to different audiences often means it cannot go as fully dark or as complex as it briefly does. Overall, while the film boasts spectacular animation, a heart-warming central relationship and a bundle of potential, sticking to a typical and mechanical story leads to average results. 3.5/5


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