Review: Sing

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While 2016 has produced some brilliant animated films, this is not one of them. ‘Sing’ feels uninspired, a commercial film featuring a largely conventional story and message about overcoming adversity and not being restrained by one role in life. This is a great theme but it never resonates as well as it could due to being spread out amongst so many characters who receive very little individual development, back story or complexity. They are all reminiscent of characters you have seen before and you will be able to guess what lies in store for them from the beginning. The voice work however, is impressive and there are two superbly directed sequences, that were unexpected in a pretty predictable film. The finale is one of them, written and directed in a manner that allows all the character’s stories to be resolved seamlessly while also incorporating the larger music competition plot. The constant change in music through the first half of the film does become tedious, as I would have liked at least one or two songs to have played for longer than ten seconds, but again the finale knocks it out of the park with an incredible display of songs and some strong visual choices. 2.5/5


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