Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 “Sing Me A Song”

Yet another extended look at Negan as a brutalist, with forced humour and arrogant views of his superiority and following, ‘The Walking Dead’ continues to highlight him as the archetypal villain that we need a lot less of in TV and Film. He is so one-dimensional and boring that not even a solid performance from Jeffery Dean Morgan can give the character some pull. While I appreciate where his relationship with Carl is going, it suffers from the show’s usual meandering pace and goofy writing. ‘The Walking Dead’ needs to learn to start getting to the point quicker and more boldly. For a horror show, it hasn’t just lost all its horror elements, but lost all urgency, tension and menace. The sprinkling of other character’s stories would normally be applauded after many episodes of solely focussing on one, but this episode provided nothing we haven’t seen before and resulted in zero impact on the wider story. It is telling that I nearly fell asleep through this one, as I have no appetite to ever hear Negan give another monologue again. One more episode to go this mid-season. I’ll watch it but then I think I’m out, because this is simply terrible television, and this episode might be the worst I have ever seen. 2.8/10