Review: The Nice Guys

Source: The Guardian

Shane Black has crafted a marvellous film, boasting an ingenious, witty, and insightful screenplay, that promotes its characters as a result of 1970s ideals. The divide between old and new perspectives is a poignant theme throughout the film, where changing views of freedom of speech and expressionism is contrasted with conservative views of government, protocol and what is socially acceptable. Black also represents this apparent separation in his construction of the film by implementing spoof-like humour in conjunction with traditional noir and thriller genre aspects. The surprising merging of these develop a balanced, detailed outlook on the time period, beautifully realised in the production design and costuming. With a stunning score, ‘The Nice Guys’ constantly transforms to transcend traditional restraints of its genre, with this consistent change inherent both in its direction and stylisation and in its thought-provoking narrative. 5/5



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