Review: Westworld Season 1 Episode 9 “The Well-Tempered Clavier”

Though the constant flashbacks do slow the pace occasionally and possibly provides too much exposition to an episode that already plods along, they are extremely useful in clarifying the show’s key hints and points that have been scattered throughout the series. Without such a reminder, presented in an organic manner, the reveals may not have had such an impact emotionally or intellectually. The point is that the reveals regarding Arnold, Dolores and Bernard work within the narrative and the show highlights this was always the vision, these weren’t twists designed at the last-minute. You have to have admiration for the writers in pulling off such a feat, while the actors are able to show the transitions each character makes. This episode also raised the stakes in focussing on many different hosts and their growing individual consciousness, mirrored well with both Dolores and Maeve’s journey. Instead of feeling like it is only Dolores and Maeve who are ‘awakening’, this episode highlighted the recollection of many others while keeping humans (?) like Stubbs involved. It also provided great insight into William, and the man he was and the man he is becoming/is. This progression is bold, but once again the writers have been able to form a character and plot line that works when understanding the wider puzzle, something ‘Westworld’ clearly knows how to showcase. It is this ability to fluidly develop and link multiple perspectives and timelines that keeps the show moving in interesting directions. 9/10