Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 “Swear”

This episode boasts an odd choice in structure that doesn’t provide any form of suspense or reasoning for such a decision. Instead tension is replaced with poorly written dialogue that tries to emphasise Tara’s youthful, determined nature and also wonky acting from the new cast. While the woods setting provides the show with a grizzly, raw feel it has been lacking, and could have potentially led to more horror-centric sequences and stories, the narrative quickly distances the characters from this community and its interesting style of leadership, which again is never backed up by reason. Once again, ‘The Walking Dead’ has the foundations for potent discussions and plots, but lacks urgency, purpose and focus, deciding to draw out the story but providing no reason to continue watching. This episode isn’t as disengaging or repetitive as previous entries, but other than welcoming back Tara and Heath, it serves little purpose and contains yet another awful zombie attack sequence that borders on parody. 5.8/10