Review: Bad Moms

Source: Vue

With it’s fairly predictable structure, rom-com tropes and familiar production design, ‘Bad Moms’ is not going to revolutionise R-Rated comedy quite like ‘The Hangover’ might have, but its upbeat direction breathes new life into this format. The main characters are incredibly likeable, with distinct personalities that bounce off each other superbly; enough to overcome their rather traditional dynamic. While Mila Kunis seems to be holding something back, never fully diving into her character’s youthful, provocative behaviour, Kathryn Hahn shines, giving a memorable performance where she is show-stopping in every scene she appears in. Unlike Kunis, she fully emerges herself in the role. Unfortunately, while a number of sequences are very funny, with an array of one-liners, the comedy is never as risqué as it could have been. For a film trying to highlight that mothers shouldn’t be constrained by that title, there is a lot of talk about improper actions, but not a lot of, well, action. The film’s main romance is also glaringly clichéd, and nearly all appearances by men in this film are in a sexist, masculine manner. 3.5/5