Verdict: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 7 “The Traitor”

Though this episode continues to sport some lackluster, typically soap opera-ish storylines such as about Leo’s parentage, the progression given to the main overarching mystery is brilliant and raises the tension further as the conspiracy deepens. ‘Designated Survivor’ has a lot of moving pieces so it is unfortunate when some get stuck in a loop of repetitiveness like this episode’s case of the week. Kirkman’s handling of it is just another way of highlighting his ability (and lack of) and while this character development is nice to see, these cases are become more or less just a way to keep Kirkman busy until his plot becomes more intertwined with the main mystery. As a sole storyline however, the Russian plot is well written and benefits from a few nice twists. I would have liked to have seen it expanded upon and not be mostly resolved in one episode, but it did leave tangents for further exploration, which will hopefully be drawn upon. 7.7/10