Verdict: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 “Service”

This show has become a joke. Quite literally, I couldn’t help but laugh at how poorly written Negan is, a character of zero nuance or intrigue, but simply defined by his eccentric confrontations and brutality (yes, I know all these reviews are sounding repetitive, but that’s exactly how The Walking Dead is). It’s almost like the writers have forgotten the events of previous episodes in terms of knowing what they have told the audience, having to highlight Ricks impossible situation again and again while any development Dwight had last week is quickly replaced by his usual clichéd bullying. Negan’s visit to Alexandria is effective in showing the reign and liberty he has, but it quickly becomes a tedious reminder that the show doesn’t know what to do with him but make him threatening (though his silly dialogue is beginning to make that difficult). The visit also comes too quickly, leaving little time to see the immediate aftermath of Abraham and Glenn’s deaths or how Rick explained it to the community. There’s very little variation in how the characters have reacted to Negans actions and that makes them all equally boring and dull. Rosita, surprisingly, is the only character that holds any interest, with her snarky, vengeance fuelled attitude that will hopefully evolve into action. But considering this show’s tendency for filler (there was no need for this episode’s ridiculously long length), that development could take a while. 3.8/10