Verdict: Quarry Season 1 Episode 8 “nước chảy đá mòn”

The direction is superb, with the Vietnam sequences beautifully representing the horror inflicted upon Mac as well as tying in aspects of the show’s overall mystery, while the cinematography was dazzling. However, I feel too much was covered in this episode, with so many storylines being partially resolved or at least mentioned, many didn’t receive the focus or character depth that they should have (particularly, for Ruth and Buddy). Mac’s arc though was brilliantly realised with his confrontation with his old captain, highlighting the Broker’s overall manipulation of all the players, something that will hopefully be developed or discussed in another season. The acting was also spectacular as always, I just wished this finale’s focus had been a little tighter, as structurally it felt fragmented and some of the more emotional ideas lacked impact. 8.1/10