Verdict: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 6 “The Interrogation”

The direction nicely mirrors the two interrogations within this episode, however, while the FBI’s storyline moves forward, providing a consistent flow of information to the audience, while adding to the show’s overarching mystery (even if the antagonist is highly derivative, being made to be sympathetic), the main plot feels repetitive and doesn’t capitalise enough upon some of the conflict it sets up. Even the shooting that begins the episode seems to only serve as an example of the danger the country is, and has little influence afterwards, while the confrontation between Kirkman and the Governors seemed to gloss over the political ramifications and focus more on Kirkman as a character, which would have been fine if the results were not so similar to previous confrontations he had had. Including the First Lady in the amazingly timely immigration storyline allowed for further insight into the relationship dynamic between her and the President, but Seth’s potential romantic interest (who seems to have a clichéd agenda) felt uninspired. 7.8/10