Verdict: The Crown Season 1 Episode 6 “Gelignite”

Slowly becoming slightly formulaic, with an almost ‘case of the week’ set up, ‘The Crown’ is beginning to lose its powerful intellectual core and unique perspectives, instead choosing to present events in a standard manner. This isn’t a bad thing, and ‘The Crown’ does it very well with consistently superb production design, cinematography and acting, but increasing ‘melodramatisation’does rob the show of its initial purity. This episode’s central focus, however, does allow for The Queen to have greater prominence amongst the array of characters, but again she seems reactionary. While as stated in this very episode, she must  take advice, and the show does a very good job at allowing the audience to understand her eventual decisions, I do miss seeing Elizabeth outside of dealing with scandals. The character has almost become a symbolic representation of the argument this show discusses, may Elizabeth be her own woman, can she retain personhood? Because at the moment, I feel I am starting to see less of Elizabeth and just the monarch. The personal insight previous episodes provided has transitioned to seeing how the public, and those around her view her decisions. 8.1/10