Verdict: Arrival

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‘Arrival’ is smart and involving with a twist that is unexpected and defies typical structural tropes to shock the audience, but in a heartfelt manner. It may be incredibly complicated and while the script does a good job at making sure key points do stand out, not every question is answered and some of the answers are rather vague. But the ideas this film promotes are exceptionally poignant, especially in our current society. Presenting an optimistic examination on the ability of global unity, a person’s choices and the power of communication, Denis Villeneuve’s films is able to come full circle (both in a metaphorical and literal sense). The middle section does often lag or become repetitive, while the narrative at times feel rather confined, with a constant urge to dive deeper into the political ramifications of the events, but ultimately the focal point of this film is Louise Banks. Amy Adams is exceptional as Banks who wishes not to assume the worst and whose desire for harmony is able to influence the future of not just earth, but the universe. Arrival is not perfect by any means, but it puts forward a solid case for intellectual film making. 4/5


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