Verdict: Westworld Season 1 Episode 6 “The Adversary”

In what seems like a direct response to last week’s episode, this episode provides a mass amount of pay off while keeping the narratives locked and focussed. With fewer meandering monologues or side quests, the writers have provided a greater urgency to the many mysteries, particularly with the reveals and cliff-hangers regarding Arnold, his ‘presence’ and the corporate espionage. In unpacking these storylines, a lot is also discovered about characters, particularly Ford and his perspective on the robots. Instead of simply adding layers to the mysteries, this episodes answers questions and then provides the new ones. While I have criticised the show for a continuous sense of set-up it is a real testament to the writers that I am so invested in these mysteries. Each new theory I have is instantly discussed or referenced in the show, highlighting that the writers are aware of the form of speculative content they are creating. The constant redirects and new layers (now backed up by pay off) are engaging and provide the series with some much-needed momentum. The direction and score are also impeccable and Thandie Newton provides an impressive performance, giving charm and power to a character that symbolises the future  A.I revolt. ‘Westworld’ is still twisting and interpretive, but is now also providing some reward. But can we please not spend any more time with Sizemore, that was just silly. 9.5/10