Verdict: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 “The Cell”

With very little narrative progression or clear development for any character (Dwight gets some, but so far the writers have been unable to create any sort of connection between the audience and him, whether that be fear or sympathy, meaning it lacks impact), this episode of The Walking Dead is slow and pointless. It highlights the lack of urgency the show has, wanting to draw out conflict and reveals for more episodes (and more advertising profit). Even Negan becomes a clichéd villain who is only defined by his brutality and humourous dialogue. Other than that there is very little there. The torture and entrapment of Daryl is also a boring, tedious, derivative and predictable example of how the show is beginning to lose tension and shock. It believes that a slow pace, focussing on a few characters automatically equals development. It doesn’t. At least the acting is fine and the episode does briefly highlight the ‘world’ and beliefs of the Saviours. 4.8/10