Verdict: Hacksaw Ridge

Source: Yahoo

I walked out of this film speechless. Mel Gibson’s directorial genius is clear. He frames every shot to promote the contrast between the barbarity and gruesome nature of war with each soldier’s honourable cause. These are themes familiar to the genre, but ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ discusses them with new life and new perspectives. There is a clear moral debate throughout the film, but each argument is well-considered and presented. Instead of portraying a clear stance, Hacksaw Ridge instead inspects multiple. While christianity is a major aspect of the film, it is never forced upon the viewer, but highlighted as key to the protagonist and his beliefs. Desmond’s growth throughout this film is impeccably realised by the film’s structure and screenplay, that emphasises the character’s mentality and everything that influenced him. The entire cast is also sensational, providing Oscar worthy performances by creating an arresting emotional connection with the audience. This film is a masterpiece. The first half builds the characters perfectly in a traditional, yet suspenseful manner, which leads to an ultimately powerful statement on patriotism, loyalty, and war. 5/5