Verdict: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 “The Well”

Initially, the tonal shift between this episode and the previous felt off-putting, with silly dialogue and absurd concepts of leadership and society. While I appreciated The Walking Dead providing differing views of how societies should be run and how leadership was dealt with, it wasn’t until Ezekiel’s conversation with Carol near the end of the episode that it fell into place. At first Carol’s distrust (and dislike) for ‘The Kingdom’ resonated with me, with Melissa McBride once again showing why she’s Emmy deserving. However, following her sequence with Ezekiel, I also understood his views, with his speech regarding heroism and evil particularly inspiring. It also provided the character with more layers and highlighted his, and Carol’s, differing outlooks on survival. While the first half was still scattered and the tone could have been dialled down, these developments certainly made up for it, and with Morgan having a new role, the show may be able to move in a new direction. 8.3/10