Verdict: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 5 “The Mission”

This episode does have some flaws in that its dialogue is a little on the nose, there are some typical, predictable developments inherent in this kind of show, and the First Lady’s storyline continues to be dramatic for the point of drama (though I appreciate the show giving her something to do). However, overall this is a stunning episode. It is tense and boldly crafted, providing most of its characters with simple but effective development that also pushes the narrative forward. The depiction of Kirkman emphasises this tense, suspenseful tone, as the writers do a great job at increasing the audience’s support and empathy for the character and his actions. While Kirkman has his own flaws, the viewer is rooting for him to succeed. Hannah’s investigation is also becoming more integral to the narrative, as her concerns are given greater specificity, mirrored nicely with MacLeish becoming closer with the President and Hookstraten’s ambiguous loyalty. 9.2/10