Verdict: Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 2 “Playtest”

This episode was deeply affecting and made a signficant impression on me by providing a twisted, haunting tale of technology’s potential impact on humanity. Utilising the horror genre to maximum effect, ‘Black Mirror’ provides an appropriately horrific perspective of the dangers of giving technology liberty and a lack of restrictions. Raising questions about corporate influence, risk, indulgence and entertainment, this is a well written and powerfully directed episode. However, unfortunately, the main character is clichéd and typical and the amount of time spent on providing him with development is quickly overshadowed by the episode’s thematic debate. Ultimately, while the technology capitalises on the personal fears of the protagonist, the episode seems to have little care for use for him other than to be a mechanism and point of view for this discussion. It won’t have much of an impact on the viewer’s overall experience, but it does make the first half less powerful. 9.3/10