Verdict: Westworld Season 1 Episode 3 “The Stray”

Though there is still some disconnect between storylines and a general repetitiveness in focal parts of each episode (each episode having a random host go off loop), ‘Westworld’ continues to craft a fascinating series of mysteries that are complex, intriguing, and intellectual. Each new thread is unpredictable, yet incredibly absorbing and reasonable. This episode, while slightly slow on narrative, does a particularly good job at showcasing the changing motivations of each of the characters while also addressing the host’s similarities and differences to humans, something being increasingly influenced by each host’s growing consciousness. The comparison made between the two entities is bold and clear, especially when the show focusses upon Dolores, Bernard and Ford (and the concept of painful memories), who each seem to have hidden layers and agendas, emphasised by the magnificent performances by each respective actor. 9.3/10