Verdict: Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 “Handidate”

Though the investigation into the hospital murder is speeding along, presenting a number of intriguing, humourous and wacky suspects and motivations, this episode’s focus upon the characters relationships slowed the pace down and were given more time then they really deserved. While I understand the need to add something more mysterious to Taylor Lautner’s Cassidy, the zombie past seems a little absurd even for this show, and doesn’t serve a wider purpose. The competition between Chad and Brock is still incredibly funny, and both actors do a great job at portraying the characters, but when this episode didn’t connect their rivalry to the murder mystery, and focussed solely upon their love for Chanel, it seemed repetitive of last week. However, overall ‘Scream Queens’ continues to have a greater balance of comedy and horror than in its first season. 8.3/10