Verdict: Westworld Season 1 Episode 2 “Chestnut”

Fascinating in its complexity, ‘Westworld’ amazes due to its balance of ideological concepts and emotional, resonating characters. Though the difference between storylines may be jarring and the transitions may not be as smooth as the writers may hope, the characters within these plots are wonderfully written. For example, while The Man In Black’s journey may be isolated from the rest of the show, the character himself and the ideals he stands for run fluidly through the series’ core. The themes of anarchy, chaos, self-indulgence and a lack of fear are vivid within the character as they are within the overall narrative. The detail provided Westworld like the guests introductions to the park or the hosts themselves, act as simply a facade to the many mysteries this episode makes note of. From Ford’s new narrative and interaction with the young boy, to Maeve’s realisations, the narrative moves very quickly, but the writers are still able to provide depth. 9.5/10