Verdict: Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 13 “You know my Steez”

Though the ending promised various easter eggs and Misty Knight continues to be a well-developed character, flawed but charming, this finale lacked a punch. With the fight sequence never really taking off or providing any memorable moments (mostly due to a lack of investment in Diamondback or his petty reasons to want to fight with Cage), the rest of the episode focussed on Cages impact upon Harlem and the supporting characters. The discussion of Cage as Harlem’s hero seemed repetitive and the imagery provided seemed forced. While the show began with a more balanced perspective on race relations, by the end it had a clear view that may be off-putting to many. This also stripped Cage of a lot of his humanity as he became a idolised figure rather than a complex multi-layered character. However, Mariah’s actions were joyfully disruptive and ¬†hopefully she will have a greater presence in future seasons. 7.1/10