Verdict: Deepwater Horizon

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Masterfully directed, edited and composed, ‘Deepwater Horizon’ is a thrilling, intense and brutal examination of the effect of corporate greed upon nature and human life. The harsh, unbalanced vilification of BP and slight factual inaccuracies may annoy some, but the ability of Peter Berg to maintain a consistent level of humanity and emotion within the film’s disaster sequences is impressive. While the script may lack subtly and the characters may be broadly written (though the importance of each is well highlighted), the ideas of duty, honour and teamwork are delivered brilliantly and climax in a tear-jerking portrayal of this event’s consequence. ‘Deepwater Horizon’ works because it is an honest, realistic depiction of a disaster, never dramatised or given the Hollywood gloss, but is a powerful tribute (and condemnation). 4.5/5


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