Verdict: Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 10 “Take It Personal”

Ending on yet another cliffhanger, this episode of ‘Luke Cage’ is its most political, making a number of poignant remarks about the relationship between black youth and police in America in a way that doesn’t seem overly accusatory but aware of alternate perspectives. It may not deliver the clear results it intended to, but it allows Alfre Woodard to again take control of timely writing for another great performance as her character continues to become more complex and politically aggressive. Diamondback’s plan is also very clever and incites much of this political debate, however, again Luke Cage, the character, doesn’t stand out with repetitive character development and his history with Diamondback presented in lackluster fashion. The reveal about Reva is effective, but I would hate for that to take all humanity out of Cage (or push him towards Claire). 7.7/10