Verdict: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 3 “The Confession”

Excluding the clichéd storyline regarding Leo (which looks done for now), ‘Designated Survivor’ continues to be smartly written and filled with intrigue, cleverly balancing character with narrative in a consistently timely fashion. The focus placed on Kirkman and the perception he has on his role is wonderfully realised from his choice over honesty, to whether to be opportunistic or vengeful, to how to deal with a quickly changing political environment while also having a family. ‘Designated Survivor’ is able to provide a grounded episode that contains a clear presence of mystery with numerous characters having their own agendas. While some of these may seem contrived to add drama to an episode with a slower pace, they never seem exaggerated or inconsistent with character, but they do keep the show addictive and interpretable. 9.2/10