Verdict: Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 15 “North”

This is a particularly slow episode, that doesn’t have the dramatic weight to resonate with audience. Not a lot is ultimately achieved and there is no signficant reveal, resolution or conclusion that makes the effort seem important. Instead Nick continues on his own path to an ending which is rushed and familiar, while Madison and Co. follow. Alicia’s actions at the hotel highlight her continued efforts to escape her initial sulky teenager skin, while little is shown of how the events of last episode have impacted Travis’s mentality. I fear the show has little idea of where it is going, simply adding in filler to keep the ride going. With so many storylines and possibly another being added with Strand (they can’t just get rid of Strand), we could be seeing even more independent plots that the show doesn’t know what to do with. 5.5/10