Verdict: Westworld Season 1 Episode 1 “The Original”

What makes ‘Westworld’ feel vivid, intriguing and entrancing, is its ability to make the audience empathise for entities we know will rebel against humanity. Even without knowing the premise (or the notions of artificial intelligence in literature), this episode does an incredibly good job at subtly highlighting the flaws in Ford’s design and concept, yet still making the audience stare in wonder. There is a beauty and astonishment in seeing the repetition of these individual’s lives and how this routine is upset by human interference. The concepts of evolution and genetic modification are weaved throughout this episode. The structure emphasises this with a keen sense of momentum, guiding the viewer towards the endpoint while introducing each character and narrative without them every becoming a burden. The acting is also stellar, and though Ed Harris’ Gunslinger (a more clichéd villain) is yet to gel with the other interesting characters, the writers have allowed the show to have multiple endings, multiple different courses, similar to the progression of each host’s storylines. 9.5/10