Verdict: Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 6 “Suckas Need Bodyguards” 

Thematically striking, this episode begins with a thorough discussion of power and the public’s perception of herosim, however, it quickly loses steam by focussing upon one of the show’s least interesting and unique charatcers, Scarfe. Scarfe, like other elements of ‘Luke Cage’, including this episodes portrayal of the media, was a missed opportunity. Though the character was cliched, considering the shows’s focus upon societal injustices including corrupt police, I wish the writers had used him to greater effect, with his reveal a few episodes back coming too early. But he does work nicely as a plot mechanism, finally allowing the show’s thinly stretched plot to have some progression by the end, with well shot and visually pleasing action sequences and various demanding performances. 8.4/10